Our Leather

At Manuel Co, we are obsessed with leather. When it comes to leather, we only work with the best. That's why we take great pride in sourcing high quality full grain vegetable tanned leather.

What is Vegetable Tanned leather?

Vegetable tanned leather refers to the tannage or method of tanning the hide into leather. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, vegetable tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces deep-colored leathers of superior quality. It’s called "vegetable" because of the natural materials used in the tanning process such as tree bark. It takes about six weeks to complete the veg tan process, and only 10% of the world's leather is made using this natural process.

Unlike chrome tanning(chemical process), Vegetable tanned leather is stronger and more durable. Over a lifetime of use, your leather will continue to darken and develop a unique patina.  

American Made: Wickett & Craig  

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is one of just two remaining vegetable tanneries in the U.S. Originally from Toronto, Canada, today Wickett & Craig calls Curwensville, Pennsylvania home, making it one of the only specialty vegetable tanneries in the United States. Vegetable Tanning is at the core of Wickett & Craig. Wickett & Craig has been perfecting the art of leather making for more than a 150 years. For more on Wickett & Craig, watch the video of their story below: 


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